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Our bridal consultant is committed to serving you.

Our goal is to make sure that every bridal client is matched with the wedding gown of her dreams. When you visit the bridal store to find yours, we will make sure that the style, fit and color is just right for you and your ceremony. We will also help you choose the perfect wedding accessories from our in-store selection, which includes veils, jewelry, headpieces, belts and more.

A wedding can be an expensive undertaking. Oftentimes, brides find themselves cutting corners to reduce expenses. We hate the thought of any bride having to do this with her wedding gown, so we try to help by always offering the best prices our manufacturers will allow. When you come to Brides & Beyond to shop for your fairytale wedding dress, you are seeing the best possible prices across all of our stunning selection.

Our bridal consultant is committed to serving you.

What makes Brides & Beyond the best wedding boutique in area?

Ladies in Lynnwood and the surrounding area have choices when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress. However, not all bridal store are created equal. Like almost anything else in life, some are better than others and there’s one that stands above all the rest. When you’re looking for the best bridal store with the highest quality to shop for wedding gowns, that place is Brides & Beyond.

If you’re wondering what makes us the top wedding boutique in the area, the answer is the three S’s: Selection, Service, and Savings. Our commitment to offering our customers the very best in these areas is the basis of our longtime success.

The broad selection of designer wedding dresses we carry means that we have something exquisite for everyone. Whether your preferred look is wedding classic, ultra chic, flirty and fun, or sophistication with an edge, you’ll find your perfect gown here at Brides & Beyond.